Big Jim’s Been Here…

There’s never a dull moment at our house…

The night before my dad’s birthday on March 29th, he sent a clear message that he’s moving things.

Majyk was on the bed waiting for me while I washed my face in the bathroom.  I was all soaped up with eyes closed, when a clear – VERY Clear – vision of my dad sitting on the end of my bed popped into my mind’s eye.  He was grinning from ear to ear – and he looked great!

Then over the water running, I heard Majyk crying from the bed.

Then… I heard THUMP!

What the heck?

I quickly washed the soap off my face and looked into the bedroom.

Majyk is a little guy… only 12 pounds and the bed is tall.  The stool he uses to get on the bed was dumped over and Maj was still on the bed, but now he was sitting on the edge looking at it.  Clearly he didn’t do it because the stool is heavy and tip resistant.

I started laughing and asked Maj what happened.  He said, Big Jimmy did it.

Daddy’s way of letting me know he’s with me and “moving things”

Big Jim a.k.a. Daddy


Physically sitting on one of his Harleys.


His spiritual essense at the back of the Harley he enjoyed before leaving his physical body.

Waiting in the Other Room…

On October 31, 2005, my dad, Big Jim, died during open heart surgery.  Before he went into the light, he and I received a miraculous gift of connection.

Over the operating table… While the doctors frantically worked to save his life, we talked about his spiritual essence leaving his physical body.  He told me his body was “old and it hurt and he wasn’t crawling back in there.”  The only thing a daughter can do is honor that decision.

The physical world teaches us that everything has a beginning and everything has an end. Death of the physical body is not the end.  It is a continuation of life in spirit form.  A return to the spirit realm from whence we came.

Waiting in the Other Room shares all this and more with humor and love – it’s our story.

You may order your copy from Amazon US here.  The book is also available through Amazon in other countries.

A message from the angels:

Dear children,

Physical world conditioning teaches death of the physical body to be horrific. This is simply not true.

The transitioning of the spirit from the earthly physical body to life in the angelic realm is cause for tremendous joy and celebration – a reunion and welcome home!

Grief of physical loss is indeed very real, but the loss is only physical. The spirit never dies and is forever connected to you.

Know this for it is true.

The transition itself is glorious!

In a breath, without pain of any kind, we embrace the spirit into the light of God – it is truly magnificent! A profound moment of pure love!

Allow yourselves to grieve, yet know, truly know, that your loved ones are with you always…. know that love never dies… Love truly is eternal…

Your loving angels