You LOVE Florence’s books…

The Game of Life, The Secret Door to Success and all the others!

You love them and you love Florence, but you long for more – like a firm understanding of how to apply Florence’s concepts and examples into today’s world… to have questions answered…  and a dive deep into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of her teachings would be fabulous!

What if you could unpack and breakdown her teachings into today’s world and get step-by-step guidance to apply them and — finally have the opportunity to write your own success examples like Florence’s students did almost a 100 years ago?

What if you could get insight, tips, support tools and action-steps that show you how to actively engage with Florence’s teachings and take your manifesting skills to a new magical level?

How magnificently life-changing would that be?

With all this information, you could implement Florence’s teachings more easily and significantly improve your life!

Unfortunately, Florence isn’t going to be holding a Zoom call to answer your questions or discuss her teachings….

But that doesn’t mean you have to just – keep – missing – out…

Hi, I’m Kate – I’ll be your guide for this life-changing masterclass.

I’m the leading authority on the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn.  I’ve been bringing her metaphysical insight into today’s fast paced twenty-first century for over two decades to support thousands of students and clients through LIVE and self-study classes, programs, webinars, masterminds, books, workbooks, and memberships.

I work with my angelic team that includes Florence’s spiritual energy.

I’m the Amazon Best-Selling author of The Game of Life Workbook and Waiting in the Other Room, the founder of The Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership, The Game of Life Mastery Program, The Game of Life Mastermind, The Secret Door to Success Mastermind and this Game of Life Masterclass.

You and I know that reading Florence’s books shifts our energy to profound empowerment – it’s Life-Changing!  Every time we pick one up, the magic happens!

We LOVE Florence, but her terminology is outdated for today’s world, making implementation of the energy we’re feeling a challenge.  It’s as if there’s a short in our circuit-board!

I have to tell you… creating and holding the safe space for participants to dive deeply into Florence’s teachings is a magical experience for Every-One.  I keep each class simple and direct, plus I’m delighted to answer your questions.

The class for each chapter opens a new door that will:

  • unpack Florence’s insight and example stories into today’s world to understand them at a deeper level
  • give you step-by-step insight as to how the power within you works and how to course correct where needed for miraculous results
  • learn action steps to apply Florence’s concepts with practical application for today’s world
  • hold the safe space for you to shift into the full knowing that you are truly limitless
  • guide you and support you with time tested support tools to significantly improve your life in miraculous ways
  • provide Q&A time on the LIVE call – if questions come up later – and they always do – not to worry – post them in the exclusive private Facebook community for masterclass participants only – and receive answers there!

You’ll have the opportunity to download The Game of Life audio, pdf and recordings of the LIVE calls to all – your – devices.

Masterclass Details

  • Meet -n- Greet Zoom call May 29 @ 1pm MT
  • 10 weekly calls (a call for each chapter) – content 30-45 minutes + Q&A
  • Date: Wednesdays June 1 – August 3, 2022
  • Time: 11:30am MT or 7pm MT – choose the time that works for your location!
  • One recording will be available within 24 hours after the 7pm call completes
  • Recordings will be downloadable to your devices
  • PRIVATE Masterclass Facebook Community
  • PRIVATE Masterclass Central webpage
  • B-O-N-U-S!  Recordings of each chapter of The Game of Life and How to Play It and a PDF are available for you to download to All-Your-Devices!  You’ll be able to listen or read Florence’s words anytime you wish – no matter where you are!

Note:  Working with your angelic team and Florence’s spiritual essence IS a part of this program.

When I hold the safe space for a program/event based on Florence’s books,

between the participants, angelic teams and Florence’s loving, supportive energy,

they become miraculously magical for Every-One!  ~ Kate Large

I would LOVE to welcome you to this masterclass, get to know you and support you to apply Florence’s wisdom into your every day life.  I’m excited to celebrate your “aha” moments that sometimes literally change your world!

Join me and the other participants as we dive deep into each chapter of The Game of Life and learn what to do to improve your life no matter what is going on around you!

When you join this masterclass, your front row seat is reserved to:

  • get 21st century clarity surrounding Florence’s magical teachings and apply what you’ve learned to begin improving your life immediately
  • get your ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions answered with step-by-step insight and guidance
  • understand what to do to manage and focus the power within you to uplevel your state of manifesting mastery
  • download the recordings of the calls – audio and PDF of The Game of Life to All-Your-Devices and access Florence’s wisdom anytime, no matter where you are

Scroll down and select which option is best for you and get registered today during the Early Bird Special!

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$95 – 3 payments
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Payments are 30 days apart.

Upon completing your payment you will be redirected back here to a new web page to complete your registration.  If you are NOT redirected, please contact me: https://www.katelarge.com/contact-kate

NOTE:  You MUST be fully registered to get access to the calls, private FB group and recordings.  It is YOUR responsibility to contact me if there is a hiccup with your registration.  I’m delighted to help you!

The participants LOVED the Game of Life Mastery Program – and it’s the closest program to this masterclass.  Watch the slideshow below to learn of their experiences working with me in a program based on Florence’s teachings:

“Kate took me from where I was in my spiritual journey to a new level. She put my spiritual growth on steroids, through her kind and caring explanations to her guided meditations, to move me closer to my spiritual and life goals.”
~~ Dominikija P

“During a class module I was having trouble with my computer and couldn’t get on the call. When I read the transcript, I was thrilled to discover that the loving energy I receive on the calls was also very strong when I read the transcript!”
~~ Barbara C

“Kate has taken the timeless teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn and added tools to support your study. I can feel the healing energy of love in Kate’s voice and her guided meditations are amazing. Taking the Game of Life Mastery Program was one of the best decisions I made this year.”
~~Catherine Stevens

“Kate and The Game of Life Mastery program have truly changed my life. Many spiritual books say raise your energy to a higher vibration, but do not tell you how to do that. Kate gives you an abundance of tools and guided action-steps to accomplish this – and they work.”
~~ Amy G

“Kate is truly interested in participants succeeding. For me, being able to listen to the recordings of the calls again later allowed me to be fully in the moment during the LIVE calls. Throughout the weeks of the program, I peeled off layers of my personal onion and ‘got’ the concepts on a deeper level. The Game of Life Mastery Program has been more than I could have imagined!”
~~Heather B.

“I love the pure simplicity of The Game of Life and Kate’s deep dive into it through The Game of Life Mastery Program. I return again and again to her lessons and tools as life events arise and I find solutions! Each time I discover further insights that I didn’t see the first time. The program truly is masterful at teaching me to ‘retrain my brain’ out of a fear & scarcity mindset to that of trust & abundance – it’s life changing from the inside out!”
~~Dawn PA

“Kate, thank you for presenting the Game of Life Mastery Program. I’m so grateful for your love, support, and belief in me – and for holding the energy for me to be who I came here to be, to create what I want to create and have everything I want. I’m so appreciative and thankful!”
~~Pam F (Australia)

“Kate is not afraid to share her personal experiences, of her own spiritual journey, which creates a comfort in approaching her and asking the questions you might think are trivial; but find are not. You will find Kate is unselfish in pouring out her resources to support your spiritual journey and growth.”
~~Dominikija P

“When I read Florence’s book, it blew me away, I couldn’t put it down. I knew the concepts from my other work, but she had a way of expressing them simply, but powerfully. When Kate offered The Game of Life Mastery Program, I knew I had to take it. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got way, way more than I ever dreamed. God bless you.”
~~Mary Jo C

“The private Facebook group of the Game of Life Mastery Program is a tremendous support. Not only did others respond and support you, but Kate, herself, responded, answered questions and gave inspiration and warm, loving support.”
~~Amy G

“Twenty years of intense personal development and growth made significant positive changes in my life and yet, the Game of Life Mastery Program with Kate Large supported me to reach a whole new level.”
~~ Patti S

“The Game of Life Mastery Program helped me to shift out of old patterns, beliefs, attitudes, and habits that blocked me from living a full life. I was able to fully heal and release that old emotional energy through the gentle and loving acceptance of Kate, the other participants, and the guided action-steps she taught us. I feel much lighter – I’m peaceful and calm.”
~~Dawn PA

“Kate is an inspirational, motivational leader and effective teacher. I love the fact that she incorporates talking to your angels with a focus on God as the creator of all that is with the law of attraction principles. I’ve read about and tried everything she teaches about rewriting neural pathways, talking to your angels and raising your energy to a higher level. But until I joined her program, I could not do it. I made more progress with Kate and the Game of Life Mastery Program than in the previous 20+ years of effort combined!”
~~Amy Goguen

“My a-ha moment was recognizing the many different types of emotions under the umbrella of “fear.” I was able to shift with the tools Kate taught us to the love energy quite quickly. When I did this, I could see and feel the difference in my surroundings — empowered! I was able to recognize my fear and make a choice of HOW I want to feel, then shift it. Kate’s program took me to a different level of being.”
~~Camille Pukay

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I believe this expression epitomized my involvement with Kate. The Game of Life Mastery Program is rich with materials and concepts to support your spiritual growth and enlightenment. Kate, supports you to believe in your ability to attract the abundance that is your birthright through the radiance of her light and love. I’m now much more successful in attracting my vision of “heaven on earth.”
~~Sharon Sinclair