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Please accept as my gift, The One-Simple-Life-Hack you can do right now to improve your life – AND… The Prosperity Treatment guided journey (from The Game of Life for the 21st Century program).  These 2 gifts will support you to begin creating the life your heart longs for.

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Imagine… what if…

When you wake up, you feel safe, peaceful and excited about your day?

And when you look in the mirror…

You know who you are – there is no urgent push compelling you to offer excuses or explanations to anyone.

You’re confident… assured… and know exactly what to do when you’re challenged by relationships, your workplace or life in general.

You… are a rock-star on the stage of your life and you’re in charge.

No-one would even think about putting this Baby in the corner!

But the reality is…

…30 seconds after you wake up, everything comes rushing back – the feelings of chaos and struggle to face the day… and you just want to pull the covers up over your head

…you feel drained of energy even after you’ve finally gotten some sleep

…your own laughter surprises you like a long lost friend and

…most of the time you feel like you’re walking on eggshells everywhere – even in the home where you lay your head and wish for a peaceful sanctuary

…and don’t get me started on how the attitude and treatment you receive from others makes you feel like you’re being pushed to explain yourself and conform to what they want… for you to be someone you don’t even recognize

As a result,

…it feels like you’ve lost yourself, your way and you’re trapped…

This was me…

I dreamed of something better, but the reality was… I was drowning in fear and anxiety – so far down… the only place to go was up.

I was praying for help… and it came.

My new friend went to her bookcase and asked her angels what could she give me that would help me?  The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn fell to the floor.

When she gave me the book, I was not impressed… how could a book help me?

But… I was wrong!


… when I opened the book and began to read…

…I felt something I’d never felt before…

The magical power of strength and stamina within me —- OMG… it was empowerment!

And my life…



The way was opened for me to get the support tools I needed to:

  • understand that my own acceptance is the only validation I’ll ever need,
  • set the boundaries necessary to feel safe and maintain that feeling,
  • fearlessly BE who I am without apology or excuses,
  • confidently know what to do when I’m blindsided by adversity,
  • graciously be the leading character in the story of my life with love, strength and stamina ==> without exception –
  • release the need to hold on to the paralyzing energy of judgment, resentment and unforgiveness,
  • be free to create and live my version of heaven on earth — my happiness.

I got the support tools I needed to:

Be Free

…now you can, too.

I’m so excited to provide you with these same tools through LIVE programs, one-on-one coaching, healing and angel sessions, books, recorded webinars, classes and meditations – tools that will guide you step-by-step to feel that strength and stamina within YOU…

…so that you, too, can fearlessly manage your life…

…so you, too, can create… and live… your version of heaven on earth.

Your birthright.

Even more exciting…  this loving support is delivered in the way you need it — from intense, miraculous masterminds, to wow that fits my budget masterclasses, memberships and meditations, to my free gift to you

…and best of all… everything is simple – sometimes so simple that it’s hard to believe how truly powerful the process or action steps are, yet when implemented you get your life back along with the strength and stamina to confidently, fearlessly move forward.

FYI… I work with the angels, guides, teachers, light beings, and deceased loved ones – including the loving spiritual essence of Florence Scovel Shinn.

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& Meditations

Programs/Webinars with Step-by-Step guidance

Short, simple, guided meditations

The Game of Life Mastery Program 5.0


Fabric Paintings

Healing Energy

One-of-a-kind hand made gifts for you or those you love.  I hand draw and paint each piece with love then infuse it with Reiki and Eir Healing.  Custom orders are welcome!



The Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership brings Florence Scovel Shinn’s 100 year old metaphysical teachings into our fast-paced 21st century world.  Each month Kate presents a LIVE Zoom call that include Treatments, Tutor/Coaching and Game of Life Modules – all strategically designed to support you to manifest what you want and make your life easier!


Books by Kate

Get loving support from Kate’s five books.  The Game of Life Workbook and Waiting in the Other Room were international Best Sellers with Amazon in 2014 and 2009 respectively.


Why thousands have used my products and my services

while people in over 60 countries receive my newsletter…

“Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe.”

~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Hi there… I’m Kate.

I show women (and a few men) how to improve their lives – no matter what’s going on around them.

The angels and I create a safe loving space to identify fear filled beliefs that sabotage you and hold you back.  Then together we transform hidden fears to love and re-write those Neural Pathways of Belief that have been standing between you and the happy life you deserve.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to work with angelic love and reconnect with the brilliant power within you to create and live your happiest, most magnificent life.  Plus… you’ll learn what to do when you subconsciously take fear energy back and play with it (we’re all human after-all).

It’s time to get serious
about improving and enjoying your life!

I want to welcome you to the opportunity to get support tools and information you need to finally ~ consistently improve your life!

In all likelihood this isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to spirituality, trying to overcome fear and master the Law of Attraction.  You’ve probably taken classes, read books, tried meditating and forgiveness, and thought: this is great!  Then when the book, class or meditation completed, you subconsciously chose not to implement anything you learned consistently, so nothing changed.

Now, all these years later…, you’re still struggling.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew what to do and didn’t struggle anymore?

 Here’s what Jeanne had to say about her VIP day:

The Virtual VIP Day with Kate magically transformed my life immediately! Our time together saved me…

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More of Jeanne's magical VIP day

The Virtual VIP Day with Kate magically transformed my life immediately! Our time together saved me months of struggling and still I may not have been able to make the changes necessary on my own. Kate gently and clearly guided me through the process of releasing the torment I had been carrying and saved the love of my life!

I scheduled my Virtual VIP Day with Kate at a time when I felt incredibly oppressed and overwhelmed by a situation that, from the outside, seemed easy to deal with. But the reality was this life situation was tearing me apart. I felt emotionally depressed and almost physically attacked, like my cells were constantly rejecting me being there. Although I was strongly considering leaving everything behind, I also felt that there was an opportunity for me to grow and live my life in happiness, should I succeed in overcoming my feelings.

Pretty early in the session, Kate uncovered why these people had such an impact on me: I had experienced many lifetimes of being oppressed and abused by them. In previous lifetimes they had abused their position and power over me, but in this lifetime I have evolved. I’m no longer in a place of being forced to be subservient to them, yet the painful energetic cords that bind us together from the past were still there causing me to feel helpless and powerless.

With this knowledge, Kate and I then proceeded to a magical session where Archangel Michael and his angels of mercy came to help me cut these cords. When the cords were disconnected from me it felt as though a physical weight was lifted from my body. My cells reinvented a new DNA that no longer carried the history of my lifetimes involving my oppressors. I was freed! Free to stay where I was, in my home, claiming my own power back!

Needless to say, it has been a bit of a fun ride adjusting to these new feelings, embracing my power without allowing it to be too strong and working on finding enough love to accept these people as they are. I have used the tools Kate shared with me and created a firm foundation of balance and love. As a result others have no impact on me or control over me. I’m happy and secure in who I am and my place in my world. Also, as promised by my angels, I have been sent earth angels to support me and help me bring the change of love and light to my household!

I wish anyone who struggles with a situation or relationship the strength to open their heart to the opportunity to reclaim their power and create love and joy as their life path. All I can say is thank God for Kate!

~Jeanne Thunin

I believe… without any doubt… that You Deserve to Be Happy.  No matter what you have or have not done in your life, happiness is your birthright and the dreams of your heart are possible.

If you’re serious about improving your life, click and scroll through the website.  Discern whether you connect with my energy and ask your angels what service or product will help you the most: a class, program or meditation?  the membership?  a private session?  or will the newsletter be enough?

There’s No – Good – Reason for you to keep struggling on your own.

I would love to work with you and teach you to not only manage and focus your energy to improve your life today, but show you how to make Being in Your Power your NEW – NORMAL way of living.  And… when you forget everything you’ve learned because “life happens” you’ll have action steps on hand to master taking your power back.

You have the power to create and live your version of heaven on earth.  I believe it.  It’s time you believed it, too.

I’m excited to meet you and support you to live your biggest, most magnificent life.

As my welcome gift to you when you join my community,

you’ll get immediate access to the One-Simple-Life-Hack you can do

right now to improve your life – plus…

the Prosperity Treatment guided journey audio (you’re going to love this)!

I’m so grateful! Everything in my life is working out for my highest and best good & I’m excited to learn what happens next!