Spiritual Energy Coaching with Kate

Spiritual Energy Coaching
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Private Spiritual Energy Coaching Sessions

You create your life through your internal energy and power.  Sounds awesome, right?

It is!  But…

When you aren’t consciously choosing to USE your power, your energy defaults to the subconscious archive where all your fears hang out.  As a result, you create your reality from energy that’s laced with FEAR.

Depending on the day, this fear energy could be almost paralyzing, resulting in creating and living experiences of intense fear – experiences you really don’t want.  Sound awful?  It is.

Where did this fear energy come from?

The fear energy that lives in your subconscious came from somewhere.  You weren’t born with it – you were born fearless.  Then as you grew older, you were exposed to life experiences and relationships that introduced you to shame, guilt, feelings of not good enough, abandonment, being undeserving, abuse and sometimes, outright fight-or-flight fear.

Because you were young, you couldn’t see or understand the bigger picture of your experience.  As a result your child brain interpreted this awful experience – or experiences – as your fault and you buried that pain in your subconscious.  You didn’t have the life experience to process through the painful energy.

You did the only thing you could do – bury the pain in your subconscious so you could survive.  And that’s where it stayed – then every time a new painful life experience occurred, you suppressed that pain, too, because you didn’t know what else to do with it.

Suppression becomes a cycle.  Every time new painful energy is experienced, your default is to bury it in your subconscious archive where all these painful energies feed off each other and become powerful enough to create a reality of more painful experiences.

As a side affect, this fear energy writes neural pathways of belief that you’re unlovable, undeserving, unworthy, not good enough and sometimes it convinces you that you’re broken.

How do I support you to stop this cycle and improve your life?

Spiritual Energy Coaching.

What is Spiritual Energy Coaching?

My spiritual energy coaching sessions hold the safe space for you to identify and **face the fear energy that’s been blocking you. Then we transform that fear energy to love energy by re-writing the neural pathway of belief.  Plus I teach you tools to know what to do if you take the energy back and play with it {{you are human after all… and that’s just what we do}}.

Fear energy is identified when you feel a resistance energy in your body and can be revealed in two ways:

* an experience of adversity triggers the fear and the fear is larger than the experience warranted – you react irrationally – example: you get a papercut, but you react like you’re bleeding out and you’re going to die.  If this happens to you, don’t beat yourself, up – the fear you’re feeling is real – even though it has nothing to do with the papercut – the papercut triggered it.

* you consciously think of something that brings you joy, but you feel an anxious, resistant energy in your body and you don’t know why or what to do with it.

**Face fear energy ~ Quantum Physics teaches us that energy reacts differently when it’s observed.  I teach you how to observe it and transform the energy to love.

I firmly believe you have the power within you to create and live the life that brings you happiness – no matter what your life looks like right now.  It’s your birthright to BE Happy – it’s your birthright to live your version of Heaven on Earth; whatever that version is for you. The reality is, that living in a human body includes challenges and sometimes those challenges are difficult to manage on your own.


 My private coaching sessions are for you if:

  • you want to stop living your life in default mode and learn how to manage and focus the power within you to manifest and live your highest and best good
  • you have no idea how to use your POWer, much less access it
  • you want to overcome subconscious programming to create and live consciously USING your POWer with awareness and control
  • you need a little extra support processing through resistance energy that’s been revealed to you
  • you want more clarity concerning the guidance of your angelic team
  • you feel stuck or paralyzed
  • you need help cutting the cords, strings, strands, and threads of less than loving relationships and experiences
  • you need help shifting your energy to love and maintaining it to create a higher outcome
  • life is good, but you need a little help to manage your energy more consistently

Private Coaching Session Opportunities:

Single Session $175
60 minutes
Includes limited Email Support

4 Session Package $600
{{savings: $100}}

4 – 60 minute sessions
Includes Email Support

6 Session Package $875
{{savings: $175}}

6 – 60 minute sessions
Includes Email Support

Be sure your payment includes your phone number. I will contact you to schedule your session by phone if you’re in the US or Canada, by email if you are in another country. Package sessions may be scheduled weekly, every other week or every three weeks. I feel that four weeks or more between sessions is too long, unless you’re scheduling single sessions just when you need them.

I will do my best to fit you into my schedule quickly.

If you wish to chat with me first to be certain we’re a good fit, use my contact form and we’ll schedule a time to visit.

All session are by phone or skype.

I’m so grateful! Everything in my life is working out for my highest and best good & I’m excited to learn what happens next!