Spiritual Energy Coaching with Kate

Private Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions and Energy Sessions

To support you to purposefully create your life through your internal energy and power, I offer two types of sessions:

Spiritual Life Coaching Session is for you if:

  • you’re serious and ready to stop living your life in default mode (subconscious programming) and learn how to manage and focus the power within you to not only manifest what you want, but live your happier life
  • you’re struggling to use your power
  • you want more clarity concerning the guidance of your angelic team
  • you feel stuck or paralyzed in survival mode – and probably don’t even know it…
  • life is good, but you need a little help to manage your energy more consistently

NOTE:  Empowerment Road Map Package sessions include a customized, simple, guided Empowerment Road Map designed with support tools hand selected just for you to guide you to consistently use your power with confidence.  No. More. Struggling and Guessing.  Claim Your Power.

Private Session Opportunities:

Single Session $199

60 minutes
Includes limited Email Support

4 Session Empowerment Road Map Package $699

4 – 60 minute sessions
Includes Email Support

6 Session Empowerment Road Map Package $999

6 – 60 minute sessions
Includes Email Support

Energy Healing Session

This session is a deep dive into Resistance Energy and flows like this:

  • we create a safe space with the angels and divine love energy
  • discuss where and what your resistance energy feels like
  • follow the breadcrumbs to where it was birthed
  • transform the energy to love energy with angelic assistance and forgiveness + disconnect cords when necessary
  • work with the Golden Hand of God, Goddess Eir and any other angels/light beings in attendance to clear less than love energy from your body and bring in the light of unconditional love

Results include feeling lighter, free and empowered beyond measure, plus you learn how to do this on your own.

I will activate at least one of the following healing modalities during our session: Reiki, Eir, Diamond Energy Therapy, Rahanni, and/or Angelic Energy Therapy.

NOTE:  This session MOVES and Transforms a LOT of Energy, I highly recommend drinking lots of water and scheduling more rest to give your body time to align with your new, higher, love vibration.

Session includes: 1-2 hours with Kate plus a 20 minute follow-up check-in call.  Every effort is made to provide you with a recording of the session.  The recording will be sent to you via Drop Box.

Energy Healing Session Opportunity:

Energy Healing Session $325 — 1-2 hours

Time for this session depends on your needs – which could be one to two hours.  This session also includes a 30 minute follow-up call and email support between calls.

Questions about this session?

If you have questions about this session, reach out and ask me – I’m happy to answer!

Be sure your payment includes your phone number. I will contact you to schedule your session by phone if you’re in the US or Canada, by email if you are in another country. Package sessions may be scheduled weekly, every other week or every three weeks. I feel that four weeks or more between sessions is too long, unless you’re scheduling single sessions just when you need them.

I will do my best to fit you into my schedule quickly.

If you wish to chat with me first to be certain we’re a good fit, use my contact form and we’ll schedule a time to visit.

All session are by phone, skype or zoom.

I’m so grateful! Everything in my life is working out for my highest and best good & I’m excited to learn what happens next!