Bow’s Page

Bow, a.k.a. Landyn, is my four month old grandbaby as of April 2.  He only lives 20 minutes away, but we’re practicing social distancing – and it’s heartbreaking…  However, I do have a blessed memory to hold on to…  The last time I saw him (seems like years ago…) he fell asleep curled into my shoulder while Jess and I were talking.  I can still feel him resting against me… {{{{love sigh…}}}}

Since he’s so young, he’s not really into “face timing” so I asked my angels, “what can I do to stay connected?” and they had a brilliant idea:  read to him!

This is Bow’s Page, but while COVID 19 is active, we’re sharing these love infused videos with you to support you during the crisis.   All videos are shared on a “noncommercial basis.”  Each book is available for purchase at Amazon if you would like to have your own copy.

The Pout-Pout Fish

Author:  Deborah Diesen  *  Pictures by: Dan Hanna

The Merzzlings:  The Adventure Begins

Author:  Brittany Plumeri  *  Pictures by: Johanna Zverzina

Fairy of Dreams

Author:  Jessica Neal 

More wonderful books by Jessica Neal!

Mommy Loves Me Best

Author:  Jessica Neal

When I asked Jessica for permission to share her Fairy of Dreams book, she responded not only with permission, but with PDF files of two more of her books to share!!  Woo Hoo!  HUGE shout out to Jessica!

More wonderful books by Jessica Neal!

ME and my fluffy MOM

Author:  Jessica Neal

Five Wishing Stars

Illustrated by Sarah Dillard

Ten Shiny Snowflakes

Illustrator:  Russell Julian

The Witch’s Cat

Author:  Sonica Ellis  *  Illustrator:  Harriet Rodis

Mickey & Donald Have a Farm