The Secret Sauce for YOUR Happier Life

An experiential workshop with insider info to improve every aspect of your life!

How is 2024 shaking out for you so far?

Would you love to improve your life…,
but there’s a nagging question that
runs in the background of your brain waves…
it’s always there…
tormenting you…
holding you back…

That never ending question of “how?”

…how do I improve my life…

…how do I stop the worry, anxiety and despair…

…how do I consistently move forward without struggling…

I know there’s GOT to be a way – I keep getting glimpses of something better!

What. Am. I. Doing. Wrong?

You have the power within you to flow in ease and grace – empowered – all you need is a little support – a little jump-start.

When you have the Secret Sauce – that consists of insight, simple action-steps, and support tools all you have to do is implement them to Improve Your Life!

Join me for the Secret Sauce for YOUR Happier Life, an experiential workshop to improve your life from the inside out on Saturday, January 13, 2024.

Schedule conflict and can’t attend LIVE?  Not to worry!  The workshop will be recorded – with the recording you may listen to it over and over! — and be aware… every time you listen, you’ll discover a new nugget of guidance and inspiration – that’s just part of the magic of this fabulous workshop!

Participants of the previous workshops LOVED it!  Gayle shared this:  I highly recommend Kate’s Secret Sauce workshop. These modules are the secret that applies for all of life. I experienced “aha” moment after “aha” moment!  I ended up taking 5 pages of notes, and then I signed up for the full class starting in January. It’s that good! Plus, the workshop includes one of Kate’s best meditations.

~ Gayle S.

In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn how to:

– banish stress

– stop overwhelm

– deflect negativity

– eliminate brain fog

– demagnetize fear and anxiousness

– recognize and flush out survival mode

– protect yourself with strength and stamina

– manage and focus your power to create a higher outcome no matter what is happening in your life – while maintaining the strength and stamina within you to maintain your empowerment

Learn the “why” and “how” my simple action-steps, tips and techniques work and begin implementing them IMMEDIATELY to experience happier holidays and your happier life.

Plus… I’ll share insight with you about the one thing no one ever talks about – the one thing you absolutely need to take your power back and improve your life.

And… you’ll learn first hand how to move and infuse energy to open the way for miraculously higher outcomes – no matter what’s going on around you.

This experiential workshop includes:

* journaling pages to support you Every – Day

* guided meditations – can’t quiet your mind to meditate?  Not to worry!  I’ve got your back – so long as you’re listening, you’ll find my guided meditations simple to immerse yourself into and shift your energy!

* simple action steps, tips and techniques to create a higher outcome


Scroll down and register so you can begin using

your power at a new level of understanding DURING the workshop!

Hi, I’m Kate – I’m excited to dive deep into insight of the power within you through this experiential workshop.  I’ll share with you simple action-steps, tips and techniques and guide you to implement them.  You’ll have the opportunity during the workshop to begin using your power immediately to begin creating and living your  happier life.

This will require effort on your part, but when you implement what you learn, the way will be open for you to:

* neutralize the internal battle of wanting something more and not having it

* understand, accept and USE your power to improve your life

* conscisouly choose who you want to be and what you want to experience consistently

* stop the brain waves of confusion and chaos and achieve clarity of thought

* recognize when worry, anxiety, stress and overwhelm try to take over your consciousness and stop that fear energy

* expand your energy out of survival mode and stop it from ever taking over your life again

* shift from your head space, to your heart space with strength, stamina and grace becoming a New You – creating and living your New Life…

We’ll experience two beautiful meditations that guide you to shift your energy and infuse love to create a higher outcome — and you’ll get to ask questions before we complete.

Plus… you’ll get a recording of the workshop so you won’t forget.

Will join me on Saturday, January 14?

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ps – when you register for this workshop, you begin to move energy to improve your life – be gentle with yourself and set your intention to flow in ease and grace with this energy – opening the way for your highest and best good to reach you now!

Workshop Details

Date:  Saturday, January 13, 2024

Time:  Noon ET, 11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT

Location:  Zoom Call

Fee:  free – my gift to you!

Reserve 2 hours of uninterrupted time to get the full benefit of the workshop.

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