Empowerment Journaling

Improve your life when you
demystify, manage and focus your power through journaling.

You know there’s something more for you – more joy, more love, more money, more laughter, more happiness…

You know you have power within you – and when you use it, life is amazing… but you struggle to be consistent…

What if… you had a guide… a guide you could use every day that would support you to focus and manage the power within you to manifest the life you really want to live?

Support that is so powerful, you could say good-bye to the life you’re currently living that you aren’t in agreement with?

A guide that would show you when/where you’re using your power and when/where you aren’t – a guide that didn’t judge you, but supported you…

How awesome would that be?

I have the solution.

Empowerment Journaling.

Yeah… journaling…

So… you’re probably thinking… nope – I don’t have time for that – and how is writing down what’s already not working going to help me?


Just for YOU


You’re not in agreement with areas of your life – you want to change/improve them.  What does acceptance have to do with improving your life? 

Register and find out the secret power of acceptance!

Your Power

What would your life look like if you had access to and used the power within you to manifest your fulfilled square of life?

Register and learn how to access and use your power!

Conscious Choice

Every emotion you feel is a choice – whether consciously or subconsciously – the way you feel is a choice.  Are you making good choices?

Register and learn how to stop defaulting to worry!


Are you working with Infinite Spirit to improve your life?

Register and learn how to work with Infinite Spirit!

Superconscious Power

Your superconscious power is power without direction.  Are you giving your superconscious power direction so it works with you or is it being guided by the pain and fear of your past?

Register and learn how to give your superconscious power direction!

Empowerment Journaling IS:

~ owning your part in creating the life you’re living now

~ claiming the power within you and USING it to improve your life

~ getting clarity on who you are to become who you wish to be

~ increasing your awareness of your vibrational frequency and course correcting

~ consciously choosing the energy you broadcast out for the universe to mirror back to you

~ becoming ONE with the divinity within

~ true forgiveness in all directions of time

~ taking control and focusing the energy within you to manifest and live your happiest life!

Empowerment Journaling is NOT

~ brain dumping about everything that’s going wrong

~ bitching and moaning about what you don’t have

~ blaming other people for the condition/state your life is in


~ PDF of the journal pages – not a paperback copy (may be purchased on Amazon if you prefer to use the paperback copy)

~ Workshop broken down to bite size audio with images

~ Chaos Flush Energy Attunement

~ Infuse Love Meditation

~ Meet Your Worry Angel Meditation & Program

So… you’re probably wondering… how the heck is writing going to help me improve my life?

I used to think that, too… back when I was stuck in survival mode – just… getting… through… the day…

It’s all about the vibrational frequency of your Energy…

You’re always – ALWAYS – manifesting the experiences of your life through your energy.


When you commit and follow through with hand writing using the guided prompts — no matter how much you don’t like the life you’re living — you’ll begin to:

feel your internal energy shift

see where you’re using your power – and where you aren’t

become more aware of the energy you’re vibrating in – opening the way to consciously choose to be the highest vibration possible.


I’ve been personally using this daily guided journaling method for several years – perfecting the guidance through my own experience as well as users to support you to manifest and live your happiest life.

You are knee deep in the new paradigm of 2024.  The energy of this year is pulling you into a magnificent whoosh of energy – waking the planet to a new level of remarkable awareness.

The door has opened to overcome physical world challenges of stress, overwhelm and survival mode.  The way is now open to manifest the life your heart knows is possible for you.

You want to use this energy to create and live your happiest life – but how?

You must transform the stagnant fear energy of the past to a higher vibration of LOVE.

Do you have the tools/action-steps you need to transform the old and navigate this new energy in ease and grace?

The Deep Dive into Your Empowerment program sets the stage for a new level of mastery as a “navigation roadmap” if you will.  This program creates a shield to soften the blow of explosive energy, eases the roller coaster rush of ever-expanding awareness, and supports you to harness the power within you to create and live your happiest life.

Will you join us?

I would LOVE to welcome you and support you to improve your life and fulfill your dreams.

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“This has been an amazing program for me. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend live because of my Internet connection but I am so very thankful for the replays.

“I start EVERY SINGLE DAY with the Cleanse and clear away fear meditation, the quiet your mind exercise and the heart space meditation. I have been doing this every day since coming home from the hospital. Accepting what is in the moment and accepting I have the power to change what I’m feeling has really helped me start my day in a higher vibration. No matter what happens during my day I’m able to flow with it. Nothing triggers me. I haven’t experienced any worry. I feel so much gratitude. If I am experiencing something uncomfortable I accept it as a lesson and I am able to move on.

“I set my intentions every day and journal. Before bed I set my intentions and do gratitude journaling. I focus on being present and happy. I do more things that make me happy.

“I feel I have grown so much with this program. I’m a work in progress. My biggest struggle is controlling the monkey mind, especially when I go to bed, but its getting better with the meditations. Thank you Kate for this program. I am Empowered “💖
~~ Annette B.~~

The 10 modules…

For 8 weeks we’ll dive deep into the 10 modules – integrating them into a harmonious flow of empowerment

Your Power Within

Do you have any idea how powerful you are?  You’ll get clear on the power of the energy within you – what it is, how to access it, how to use it and the awareness to know when you aren’t.  Plus you’ll get a simple action-step that reminds you daily to use the power within you.

Safe – in all directions of time

Did you know that subconscious feelings of not being safe sabotages you?  You’ll learn how to manage your own internal state-of-the-art security system, over-writing neural pathways of belief and deflecting external stimulus to maintain your inner peace and empowerment.

The Freedom from Survival Mode

We’ll pull back the layers of survival mode – why you’re vulnerable, why it holds you captive and how to diffuse it’s power  FOREVER – setting you free to expand your manifesting energy field and bring your desires to fruition.

The Empowerment of Acceptance

You’ll master the energetic vibration of your thoughts and words when we dive deeper into the power of acceptance.  This understanding opens the door to re-writing neural pathways of belief that do not serve you as a natural progression to your energetic transformation.

The magic of Intention

When you set your intention do you feel an energetic emotional charge?  You’ll learn to use your power with simple action-steps to firmly set, anchor and emotionally charge your intentions with clairity to master “cause and effect.”

The Empowered Awareness of Visioning

Do you “see” yourself living your new life?  You’ll take your manifesting skills to a new magical level of empowerment through simple action-steps with impassioned emotions creating your magical roadmap of success.

The Intense Healing of Forgiveness

Are painful memories holding you hostage?  You’ll set yourself free from the pain and energy blocks of unforgiveness through simple action-steps through your heart space – healing from deep within — mirroring that healing into the reality of your experience.

The Super-Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is a state of BE-ing.  You’ll get access to the safe space to fully immerse yourself in the ecstasy of impassioned gratitude – experiencing the blissful state of receivership – opening the way for your deepest desires to be fulfilled.

The Coherent Peace of Your Quiet Mind

You’ll receive deep insight into your mind’s chatter – from your angelic team of your superconscious/higher-self to the negativity of neural pathways of belief that do not serve you.  Plus you will receive simple action-steps to stop the chaos of the incessant negative mind chatter and open the way for your thoughts to flow in harmony from a foundation of LOVE of the highest order.

The BLISS of Infused Love

LOVE is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe – LOVE is your essence.  You’ll learn how to manage and focus the power of the LOVE within you to expand your awareness, sync with your superconscious/higher-self – as One with the Divinity within – accessing your Field of Potentiality – Florence calls this space the realm of perfect ideas, science calls this space the Quantum Field.


you’ll get the nitty gritty low down on simple action-steps to release the need to worry and stop hugging stress like it’s your best friend!

You’ll also get immediate access to the magical Daily Journal pages that support you to not only consciously choose the outcome of your day, but show you where you’re using your power – and where you aren’t.

Your New Life

When you fully immerse yourself into this interactive program – embracing the insight and understanding, implementing the simple action-steps and shifting into the LOVE of the meditations, you naturally flow into creating the new foundation for your happier life.

You’ll feel the strength and stamina to manage whatever happens outside of you with ease and grace.

You’ll have the skills to use the power within you to BE happy – working with the flow of ascended energy – a magnet for the desires of your heart.

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Deep Dive into Your Empowerment

Dates – 8 weeks:  March 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, 8, 2024
Time: 8pm ET – check the world time clock for your time
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Location: Zoom
** Calls are recorded

BONUS – private 30 minute session with Kate – value $150
BONUS – Chaos Flush Energy System Attunement

FYI – while I’m presenting the class, we turn off all video cameras and microphones and I share my screen.  It’s necessary to turn off the cameras because I get motion sick when people move around plus I’m easily distracted.  As a result I’ve learned it’s best to turn the camera’s off to stay focused – and healthy — questions may be asked when the presentation of the class is complete.

If you’ve hesitated to join the class because you don’t want to be on camera – no worries – a working camera is not necessary.  Join us!

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$249 – 1 payment

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