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Woo hoo!  You’re IN!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Thank you for joining me for this exciting workshop to learn how to manifest what you want!

The workshop has completed – download the recording and images used in the workshop below.

BONUS Manifest Q&A Call:
Date:  Wednesday, July 31, 2024
Time:  8pm ET – check the world time clock for your time
 Duration:  till all questions are answered!

This is your central hub for:

  • zoom link for the workshop & the Bonus follow-up Manifest Q&A
  • recording of the workshop
  • bonus meditations – be SURE to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the meditations!!!

If you have questions, please email me at kate@katelarge.com

ATTENTION:  Please access the Zoom call a few minutes prior to the time the call begins – you won’t want to miss anything!  We will begin promptly at the appointed time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not get access!

Manifest Q&A Follow-up Call

Date:  Wednesday, July 31, 2024
Time: 8pm ET – check the world clock for your time
Duration: all questions will be answered
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85391081176?pwd=AjPam1Pus1KKTIbBFUo6ajVUrv7Oar.1
Meeting ID: 853 9108 1176
Passcode: 279331
If you cannot attend LIVE, but you have questions, submit them to Kate by clicking reply to one of the workshop emails.

Join the zoom call a few minutes early so you won’t miss a thing!  And be sure to bring your WINS as well as your manifesting questions!

Recordings of the Workshop & Meditations

Click here to download the Recording of the Workshop – 2:50:25 mins

Click here for the Manifesting Cheat Sheet – PDF

Click here to download the Quiet Your Mind into Harmony meditation – 2:45 mins

Click here to download the Quiet Your Mind into Harmony meditation + 60 minutes of music – 59:50 mins

Click here to download the Gratitude Boost Immune System meditation – 17:30 mins

Click here to download the Healing Circle of Love meditation (infuse LOVE) – 13:19 mins

Click here to Infuse Your Day & Life with LOVE meditation – 18:01 mins

Click here to download the Manifesting Meditation – 26:58 mins

Powerful Tips

Diamond Steel protection with Your Angels
Ask your angels: Dearest angels, please surround me with your diamond steel forcefield shield of protection filled with strength, stamina and healing love energy that deflects negativity and ALL viruses.

Overcome Uncomfortable Dreams
Before going to sleep – ask your angels to help you to only remember the parts of your dreams that will benefit you during your waking state.

Homework Questions

Answer these questions as if you’re talking to me when I was drowning in survival mode.  Explain to me how to overcome the energy and improve my life.  Email your answers to kate@katelarge.com — please use the subject line:  HOMEWORK 
FYI – these are essay questions

1. a. What is survival mode?
1. b. How do I overcome survival mode?

2.  How does accepting what my life IS in this moment benefit me?

3.  How do I access the power within me?

4. a. Why should I consciously choose to BE LOVE energy?
4. b. How do I do consciously choose to BE LOVE energy?

5. a. What is “infusing LOVE into people and situations?” 
5. b. Why should I infuse LOVE into people, situations, my day and my life?
5. c. How do I infuse LOVE into people, situations, my day, and my life?

6.  How does meditaiton support manifesting what I want?

7. a. Why does visioning support manifesting what I want?
7. b. How do I vision?

8.  How does empowered journaling support manifesting what I want?

Images used during the workshop:

Ima Miracle Magnet – resident stick-man shows how energy works & moves.

Deep breath – drop jaw on exhale to release tension in face, neck, shoulders/body.

Survival Mode shrink wraps your energy to your body – there’s no energy left to think!

Use support tools and take action-steps to manifest what you want – living your fulfilled square of life – your version of heaven on earth.

Survival mode releases chemicals in the body telling the body it’s in danger: run, fight, or hide!

The key to manifesting what you want is to achieve harmonious mind and heart = LOVE energy and sustain the LOVE energy.

Are you vibrating in LOVE energy attracting LOVE experiences or are you vibrating in fear energy attracting experiences you do NOT want?

When your heart and mind are out of coherence/harmony (in survival mode) the brain misfires chaotic thoughts making it difficult to focus — there’s no more energy to think.

Set your intention when you take powerful action-steps.

Infuse LOVE to create a higher outcome for EVERY-THING!
THIS action-step is powerful!

Take control of Cause & Effect.

Daily support tools/action-steps

Disconnecting from the Old-self to BE the New-self is uncomfortable – HOWEVER, it is your sign that you’re becoming your New-self creating your New Life — CELEBRATE!

Bonus Goodies


Click here to download the Forgiveness to Love meditation – 19:40 mins
If you need support with forgiveness, this meditation will support you magnificently!

Quiet Your Mind Exercise – shared with permission of the Chopra Center

Quiet your mind to meditate or just get clarity of thought and jump-start your day!

Click here for the full info – 4:19 mins

Click here for the exercise ONLY – 2:38

Worry Angel Program and Meditation

Click here to download the recording of the Worry Angel Program – includes meditation – 1:00:14 mins

Click here to download the Worry Angel meditation only – 8:46 mins

Cleanse & Clear Away Fear from Your Safe Space

This powerful guided journey delivers you to your safe space where a magical waterfall clears away negativity and fear and replaces it with healing, love energy. When you leave your “Safe Space” you will be rejuvenated and empowered with the super powers of strength, stamina and quiet self-confidence.

Click here to download.  20:40 mins — This is my FAVORITE!  xoxo Kate