Make a wish

… and blow …


Manifesting what you want is

… this simple …


Join Kate for the


Manifest What You Want

& WIN Your Game of Life Workshop


and take your manifesting skills
to a new level of mastery that Changes. EVERY. THING.
Plus … get your Manifesting Cheat Sheet.
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Are you an expert at manifesting what you want?

OR … Are you an expert at manifesting what you DO NOT want?

 Not to Worry!

You’re in the right place

to get the guidance and clarity you need

to jump-start manifesting what you want.

Now that you’re SERIOUS … now that you’re ready to take the next step to up-level and master your manifesting skills, your teacher has arrived.

Manifesting what you want isn’t rocket science.

When you have all the moving parts in place, it’s simple really.

When you understand the mechanics of manifesting, implement your new energy, and use your new manifesting skill-set, those wishes you’ve been wishing …

They. Come. True.

What your heart wants to experience IS Possible.  You have the ‘thought’ of what you want because it’s within your field of potentiality – the ‘idea’ came from your superconscious/higher-self.

Today, you’ve been led here to get what you’ve been asking for – guidance to manifest the life your heart longs for.

It’s time to STOP the manifesting chaos and use your power to fulfill your square of life – e.g. health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression – and of course that includes everything in between!

No matter what you’ve tried in the past, You-Have-the-Power within you to manifest what you wish to be, do and have – no matter what’s going on around you.  All you need is a clearer understanding of how to use your power and to implement that new understanding.

NOTE:  This IS an experiential workshop.

We WILL be moving energy together!

Implement what you learn and …

… Begin Manifesting what You Want immediately …


  • Manifest what You Want Cheat Sheet – SEE your action-steps
  • Guided meditations – Kate’s best-loved meditations
  • Free yourself from worry – Meet Your Worry Angel Program
  • Quiet Your Mind to achieve harmony – empowered meditation skill
  • Diamond Force Field Shield – deflect chaos & negativity
  • Uncomfortable Dream Remedy – relieve anxiety in your dreams
  • PDF Game of Life & How to Play It
  • Audio Game of Life & How to Play It
  • NEW BONUS – Manifesting Q&A LIVE call

Reserve YOUR Seat!

Manifest What You Want & WIN Your Game of Life Workshop

Date !!CHANGE!! – Saturday, July 20, 2024
Time: Noon ET – check the world time clock for your time
Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours – don’t get freaked out about how long this is – THIS Workshop WILL Change Your Life!
Location: Zoom – microphones and cameras will be OFF during the workshop – questions may be asked at designated times
NOTE:  You WILL experience guided meditations – so plan accordingly for quiet – no driving or operating heavy machinery
BONUS:  1 person will be chosen for a special bonus from those present for the LIVE presentation of the workshop
** Call will be recorded

NEW BONUS:  Manifesting Q&A – July 31

Option 1 – Workshop Only

Workshop FEE – $175
Early Bird Special Workshop FEE – $125
Special expires JULY 19th at midnight ET!

Option 2 – BUNDLE Workshop + 30 minute private session with Kate – save $50

Workshop + 30 Minutes with Kate – $250
Early Bird Special Workshop + 30 Minutes with Kate – $199
Special expires JULY 19th at midnight!

Private session with Kate is all about YOU.  Thirty minutes of uninterrupted time to discuss whatever you need support with.  We’ll schedule your time through email after the workshop completes.

If you’re hesitating to join the workshop because you don’t want to be on camera – no worries – a working camera is not necessary.  Join us!

FYI – while I’m presenting the workshop, we turn off all video cameras and microphones and I share my screen.  It’s necessary to turn off the cameras because I get motion sick when people move around, plus I’m easily distracted.  As a result I’ve learned it’s best to turn the camera’s off to stay focused – and healthy — questions may be asked when the presentation of the workshop is complete – so bring your manifesting questions!