Disconnect the Cords

Your mission this lifetime is to heal the wounds of your heart

and shift your energetic vibration to that of unconditional love —

to ascend your energy to a higher vibration of creation


live your version of heaven on earth.

Are you living your heaven or are you struggling in lack, worry and fear?

Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart

This method of disconnecting cords was given to me by my angels to help me climb out of a pit of pain and shift my energy from paralyzing fear to heavenly love and joy. The process is fascinating and simple!

You will learn how to:

  • understand the power of fear from the past
  • identify adversity as the golden opportunity it is to heal and free yourself from buried pain
  • work with your angels to reveal the block of fear that chokes you
  • face the fear mass in a safe space
  • disconnect from the fear
  • heal the wounds of your heart created by the fear in past lives as well as this life
  • access your power of creation
  • breathe into a greater expression of yourself fully in your power

Once you learn how to recognize the power of fear hidden in your subconscious, you immediately take a step into your power. When you learn how to disconnect the cords of the fear and heal the wounds of your heart, your core energy shifts to the higher vibration of love and light.

This program has 4 audio segments and a PDF manual.

NOTE:  If you have pets, do NOT allow them to sit next to you or touch you while you work through this program.  Your pets love you and work at healing your painful energy.  They will suck up the energy you’re disconnecting from and you do not want them to do that.

Disconnect the Cords
Disconnect the Cords
Price: $47.00