Learn how to Create Your Version of Heaven on Earth

As humans it is our birthright to live our version of Heaven on Earth.

Everyone’s version is different.

What does your version look like?

And… what fear energy is between you… and living your heaven on earth?

This exciting program opens the door to shift your energy from the darkness of fear (!!worry is a form of fear!!) to the joy of love!

You will identify and heal:

worry, helplessness, powerlessness, shame, guilt, grief, anger, frustration, sadness, feeling of being overwhelmed, feelings of being separated from God, relationships, life situations and events, fear that has held you hostage in lack and limitation all your life!

You will learn:

  • how the veil is thinning between Mother Earth and heaven/the angelic realm
  • why the darkness can no longer hide
  • why so many of us are struggling with relationships, finances, health and our jobs – all areas of our lives
  • how to shift from deep within from fear to love energy to create your Heaven on Earth!

This program consists of 4 sessions.

* music on session three and four by Dan McClerran.

Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth
Price: $47.00