Create a new dynamic with people who push your buttons by
changing inharmonious relationships and situations to
harmonious, loving, joyful relationships and situations
from the inside out before they happen!

Did you know… that the people who:
bully you
shatter your confidence
make you feel unimportant
stir feelings of not being good enough
destroy your sense of value and self worth
trigger a spiral into an abyss of anguish as a victim,

are really:
your catalyst for greatness
gateways for limitless possibility
golden links in your chain of good
tools to change your life by expanding your awareness
stepping stones to accessing the essence of the brilliance that you are?

It’s True…

Your Button Pushing Trigger Monsters:
in-law(s), brother, sister, children, parents, coworker, ex-husband,
ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, BOSS
are providing you with a Golden Opportunity to shift your energy out of
x helplessness xx unforgiveness xx powerlessness xx and being a victim x

Once you understand the dynamics of why you’ve drawn these people and experiences to you, creating higher outcomes is SIMPLE! When you show up powerfully, participate full out and claim your power, you will have action steps and tools to experience the happiest LIFE possible!

This transformational virtual program will guide you step-by-step to:

  • Understand why people who beat you up energetically are important and valuable
  • Learn why you’re being forced to question/look at energy of experiences of the past
  • Identify and release the silent, hidden energy that attracts drama to you
  • Replace Be-ing a victim with Be-ing calm, assertive and empowered
  • Create loving relationships from the inside out with others and yourself through forgiveness
  • Face and disconnect from the drama of the past from a new vibration of BE-ing
  • Stand firm, secure and confident in your Empowered Authentic Self shoes without shame, guilt or apology in any situation
  • Expand your awareness as the brilliant, loving light that you are to attract to you beautiful loving relationships
  • Command respect through your energy!

Master Loving Relationships
Master Loving Relationships
Price: $47.00