Take Control of Mercury Retrograde and

Peek into Your Future!

Most people don’t know…

Mercury Retrograde is a magical time to peek into your future!

The planet Mercury holds the energy of communication and technology.  From our vantage point here on Mother Earth, a few times each year it appears to go backward – wreaking havoc on our technology, communication and thought process (some people freak out completely!).

If you dread Mercury going retrograde, then you’re in for a treat!  Once you know what to expect and learn how to manage the unstable energy, you’ll look forward to all the exciting things you can do during this time when Mercury appears to travel backward in our sky.

When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s the perfect time to complete unfinished projects, re-evaluate your goals and…. peek into your future!

This short MasterClass informs you about what Mercury Retrograde is, how to manage the energy and includes a simple guided meditation to peek into your future!

You will learn:

  • what Mercury in Retrograde means, how long it lasts, how it affects your life and what the shadow phases are
  • how to manage the unstable energy when Mercury is in Retrograde
  • how to peek into your future

NOTE: Class length: 36.10 minutes – short and packed with info!

Program includes: audio recording, 2 Mercury Retrograde Checklists & a Mercury Retrograde Calendar

Photo by NASA

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Price: $47.00