How to Win Your Game of Life

An experiential workshop with insider info to improve every aspect of your life!

Hello beautiful being of Love and Light!  Thank you for participating in the workshop!!

Click here to download the workshop recording – 2:11:36 mins

Click here for Quiet Your Mind – 2:30 mins
Click here for the Quiet Your Mind with unguided music – 1:05:15 mins
Click here for the Love Meditation – 8:50
Click here for the Healing Circle of LOVE Meditation – 7:10 mins

Click here to learn more and reserve your seat for the 8 week Deep Dive into Your Empowerment program!

After the workshop completed, Wilma shared this about the Deep Dive program:

I would LOVE to welcome you to the Deep Dive into Your Empowerment program – and support you to improve all areas of your life!  Will you join me??

Participants of the previous workshops LOVED it!  Gayle shared this:  I highly recommend Kate’s workshop. These modules are the secret that applies to all of life. I experienced “aha” moment after “aha” moment!  I ended up taking 5 pages of notes, and then I signed up for the Deep Dive program starting in January. It’s THAT GOOD! Plus, the workshop includes one of Kate’s best meditations.

~ Gayle S.