Woo hoo, WHAT a Workshop!

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Bonus Meditations
Click here for Quiet Your Mind – 2:30 mins
Click here for the Quiet Your Mind with unguided music – 1:05:15 mins
Click here for the Love Meditation – 8:50
Click here for the Healing Circle of LOVE Meditation – 7:10 mins
Click here for the Heart Space Meditation – 12:59

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Ready to dive deeper into the modules of the workshop?

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for joining me on this miraculous journey to reconnect with who you are and use your power to fulfill your square of life.

Implementing your empowerment energy while you create a firm foundation for your new life is so much easier when you gather with like minded folks working toward the same goal.  If you’re like me, you’ve tried for years to use your power, but it can be really challenging when you’re winging it on your own.  I know it sure was for me!

Every class, every meditation, every event I present is structured to support YOU to improve your life – to make your life easier – happier.

On Tuesday, January 9th and Thursday, January 11th, I’m presenting the new 9 Week Deep Dive into the Secret Sauce program – a program that includes ALL the support tools I use and teach step-by-step in ONE place.  This isn’t just bringing Florence’s teachings into the 21st century… this program teaches you HOW to implement them Every-Day to improve your life!

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I’m excited to support your empowerment to make 2024 a very happy year for you – no matter what’s going on around you!

Take Control of Mercury Retrograde and

Peek into Your Future!

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